Join Small Scale Farms and The Harvest Barn as we stand in unison with local farmers and local markets alike.

In a radical move to help inspire you to stand proud within this agriculturally rich home you’ve made yourself here in Niagara, we are setting out to raise $300 000 in local capital.

But how we are doing it will surprise you. With these funds - we are setting out to help the Harvest Barn country market THRIVE. In the coming months, Small Scale Farms and Harvest Barn are becoming one, and we couldn't be more excited. This is a giant move for the entire region. Together, we are committed to helping local markets be both profitable and affordable, and we are confident our community wants to do the same.

The best possible way we can do that, is by offering a community based financial model, which essentially returns your investment / money back to you, plus interest.

All you have to do, is shop.

Similar to a co-op model, we are asking the community to purchase $2000, $5000 or $10 000 worth of product from Harvest Barn up front - essentially creating yourself a tab.

This "tab" helps to keep customers connected and committed to shopping at one of our local markets left, only now, you will also have access to continuous door crasher deals, digital discount codes and up to 10% off all products.

PLUS, in the case of the $10 000 purchase, instead of dividends, you will receive a bonus $1000 worth of product. You will also receive 10% off the entire store for a year, alongside our various offerings, exclusive to members.

It's the $10 000 question. Will you support local farmers and markets? We hope, for all of our sakes, you will.

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